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General Rules Western Reserve Collegiate League

Western Reserve Collegiate League Rules 


1)  Players must not turn 23 before 1/1/2020.  So the age cutoff is 1/1/97 for this season.  Graduated High School players (2020 grads) must be playing in college in the fall.

2)  The official roster is listed on the WRCL website.  All players listed are eligible to play.  The roster minimum is 15 players and roster maximum is 30 players.  Rosters must be trimmed to 25 for NABF and league playoffs.  Cutoff for league pickups is two weeks before playoffs/NABF.

3)  Players must fill out a WRCL Player Contract to be officially added to your roster.  The player contract is completed on the website.  Anyone who plays in a WRCL game without filling out the Player Contract is considered an illegal player.  If a protest is filed, and a player is deemed illegal, the result will be forfeiture of the game.   A team has 24 hours from the start of the game to file a protest to the league regarding an illegal player.

4)  Once a player is under a WRCL Player Contract, that player cannot play on another WRCL league roster for the 2020 season.


5a)  The official schedule will be made at the annual scheduling meeting.  All teams must attend or send a representative to schedule—no games will be scheduled by phone!

5b)  The home team is responsible for sending in their home schedule to an approved umpire association. 

6)  The official schedule will be posted on the WRCL website.  Any changes to the schedule on the league website must be reported to league offices.

7)  If the home team cancels the game because of weather/field conditions, the home manager must contact the following first:  1)  opposing coach  2) umpires  3) WRCL offices.  It is the home team’s responsibility to contact the umpires on all cancellations and will be responsible for umpire fees if they are not contacted.  There must be 24 hour notice on all non-field/weather related cancellations or the home team will be responsible for umpire fees.

8)  A full schedule including dates, opponent, field, and time are due to league offices by April 30th.  In addition, each team must have insurance.  The insurance certificate with the Western Reserve Collegiate League added as an additional insured/certificate holder must be turned into league offices by April 30th.  Teams will not be allowed to play and forfeit games until the insurance is turned into league offices.


9)  Standings will be kept by winning percentage.  

Tiebreakers are as follows:

b)  head to head vs. tied teams

c)  average runs allowed between in games between the tied teams

d) average runs allowed overall for the season

e) average run differential in games played between tied teams

f)  average run differential overall for season.


10)  The top regular season team and the playoff winner will qualify for the NABF College World Series.  If it is the same team, then the regular season runner-up will get the second bid to the NABF World Series.  Teams must notify the league offices if they are interested in  the AAABA World Series.  


11)  All personnel on the field must be in full uniform including first and third base coaches.  All players in the dugout must have their team uniformed (numbered) shirt.  Failure to do so will result in ejection from the field of play and possible suspension from the next league game.

12)  All umpire fees are divided evenly among participating teams.  Each team will provide two new ProNine College level baseballs as game balls and have extras ready to throw in.  Each team will provide the umpire with a lineup card at the home plate meeting.  All lineup changes must go through the umpire.

13)  All Western Reserve Collegiate League games are played with a 10 run rule after 5 innings.

14)  Any game called due to weather, darkness, or any other reason after 4 ½ innings if the home team is winning or if the game is tied, or 5 innings if the visitors are winning is over, with the team ahead winning the game.  If the game is tied, it will be completed at a future date.

--Games that do not reach the 4 ½ inning mark will start from the point at which the game was called at a later date.  On a suspended game, the team that is trailing has the option to count the game as completed.

15)  NCAA rules will be played (including DH/P rule) with an additional hitter.  The DH and the AH cannot be exchanged.  The AH can be put into the field only one time.  NCAA slide rule will be enforced.

16)   Courtesy runners for pitcher and catcher are allowed.  Must be someone not in the lineup.

17)  Players must use a wood bat or a composite wood bat.  No metal is allowed on the surface of the bat.  (Wood composite bat is allowed.)  It is suggested (NABF rule) that the bat colors are natural, black, burnt orange, hickory and brown.

18)  All helmets and catcher’s equipment must be NOCSAE approved.  All helmets must be double ear flapped.

19)  Any conduct detrimental to the league will result in a penalty as determined by the league board such as forfeit, team/individual probation, suspension, or possible dismissal from the league.

20)  Failure to adhere to any rule will result in a penalty as determined by the board such as forfeit, team/individual probation, and/or possible dismissal from the league.

21)  ***The WINNING TEAM must either text or email in the score of the game to the league the same night as the game.  If a score is not reported by 10:30 AM the next morning, the game will go down as an unplayed game with an additional penalty as a possible fine.


Teams that apply to the league must be voted into the WRCL by the current league members.  Each existing organization has one vote to add a new member to the league.


New Franchise Fee:  $500.  This is a one time fee for new franchises voted into the WRCL.

2020 League Fee:   $340

Forfeit Fee   $140.   Forfeit fee rolls over at the end of the season or is refunded to non-returning teams.  You must contact the league by Sept 30th in order to receive your refund.

Baseballs:  $58 per dozen  Teams purchase baseballs though the WRCL in order to use a uniform college level baseball.  Minimum purchase 5 dozen.  For 2020, the WRCL teams used for league play the ProNine College grade baseball.