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Welcome To The Western Reserve Collegiate League

By League Administrator, 08/19/22, 11:00AM EDT


The Board of Directors would like to introduce and welcome you to the Western Reserve Collegiate League!

The Western Reserve Collegiate League has been created for a number of reasons.

1)  High level of baseball that would provide college players an avenue to improve their game.  We are doing this by bringing in teams/organizations that have experienced coaches and can provide a level of competition together with the level of training that will allow players to improve or sharpen their game over the summer.

2)  Provide a set of rules and procedures that all teams will follow to facilitate the respect of the game and respect to your opponents.  Teams invited into the league will agree to abide by this set of rules.   The rules will also prioritize the fulfillment of your schedule, preparation of each team for every game, and avenues of communication with the league and other coaches.

3)  The league will provide a website and administration of the website.  The league will keep the website updated and accurate at all times.

4)  Provide a quality league that college coaches will feel comfortable in sending their players in the summer.  This point goes along with point #1.  We want college coaches to know that their players will return to them a more experienced, better player.

5)  Providing a league with high quality play with minimal travel.  This allows players to work or go to school during the week and still play baseball.  Also this league will not require travel every weekend as most games will be in Northern Ohio.

The WRCL will also have a direct bid to the NABF College World Series.  We also have the ability to get a bid for one of our teams to attend the AAABA World Series in Johnstown, PA. you are a collegiate team looking to play.

If you have a college team looking for a quality league, please contact John Mengelkamp at or call 440-725-9293.  Teams are accepted by invitation only.  

If you are a college player looking for a quality league to play in, please click on 22U teams across the top of the webpage and you will see the teams in the league.  Click on one of the teams to get the coaches contact information, or you can create you own post on this website. To create you own post go to the Home Page to the League Menu (left side) to "Create A Post" select Players Looking For Teams.